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Fast Liquid-phase Processes In Turbulent Flows (repost)

ISBN: 9067644099

标签: 科学工程

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Fast Liquid phase Processes In Turbulent Flows repost

Al. Al. Berlin, V. P. Zakharov, G. E. Zaikov and K. S. Minsker, "Fast Liquid-phase Processes In Turbulent Flows"
VS P Books | 2004 | ISBN: 9067644099 | 179 pages | Djvu | 1,5 MB

Various processes in which reagents in consequence of interaction undergo deep conversions followed by changing of internal structure, substances composition and aggregate state are realized in chemistry and applied chemistry. Chemical-engineering processes use to contain the physical ones also, in particular liquids movement, their mixing, heating and cooling, dispersion, etc. It is worth saying that technology of various chemical products production as a rule comprises chemical and physical processes of the same type haracterized by common regularities. But for all that processes of different productions are carried out in apparatus of analogous principles of operation. According to the classification of applying chemistry apparatus there are only two theoretical (limit) models of instruments: apparatus of ideal displacement and of ideal mixing. Real ever-functioning reactors are representing apparatus of intermediate type with some approximation to apparatus of mixing or displacement. It is because particles residence time in them distributes more uniformly than in ideal displacement apparatus but never becomes level as in ideal mixing apparatus. Intensification of chemical processes, reducing of their steel intensity, energy- and resource
economy, creation of scientifically well-founded, economical, compact technologies of high ecological safety and apparatus for them are the priority directions of modern technology
development. It is obvious that for such problem-solving routine investigations of processes and apparatus in production quantities and conditions are usually complex and prolonged. That is why modelling is very significant; it allows studying regularities of processes proceeding and apparatus functioning with the help of models under conditions permitting application of resulting data independently from production quantities.
It is possible to assume that kinetic and hydrodynamic methods of reactors analysis and design are well advanced at present. Methods of computer simulation and modelling are widely used. So, we can say that if we know processes kinetic and hydrodynamic parameters and fundamental particularities of reactor functioning we can calculate all process characteristics and its structure, we also can predict effectiveness of apparatus operation and consumer properties of chemical production. Meanwhile criterion function development for calculation and organization of novel processes and optimization of present productions require overcoming of a big number of problems in production practice. This principle is satisfactory enough for processes with low or medium reactions rates, when creation of isothermal conditions in apparatus is easy. In this case it is easy to calculate and reproduce in working conditions all characteristics of chemical process and to control the last ones....


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