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  1. 2014-04-11Dreadnought: Britain, Germany, and the Coming of the Great War
  2. 2014-04-11Hawker/Armstrong Whitworth Sea Hawk Mk. 100/101 (F-40 Flugzeuge Der Bundeswehr 5) (Repost)
  3. 2014-04-11Appetite for America: Fred Harvey and the Business of Civilizing the Wild West--One Meal at a Time (repost)
  4. 2014-04-11Fairey Gannet A.S.4/T.5 (F-40 Flugzeuge Der Bundeswehr 14) (Repost)
  5. 2014-04-11Sex and Punishment: Four Thousand Years of Judging Desire (repost)
  6. 2014-04-11P-38 Lightning Aces of the ETO/MTO (Aircraft of the Aces 19) (Repost)
  7. 2014-04-11Upon the Altar of the Nation: A Moral History of the Civil War (repost)
  8. 2014-04-11Ancient Chinese Armour
  9. 2014-04-11V-1 Die Fliegende Bombe Fi 103 (Waffen-Arsenal Band 97) (Repost)
  10. 2014-04-11Cold War Literature: Writing the Global Conflict [Repost]
  11. 2014-04-11Panzer 38 (t) (Waffen-Arsenal Band 23) (Repost)
  12. 2014-04-11Fleet Carriers (United States Navy Camouflage of WW2 Era Volume 2) (Repost)
  13. 2014-04-11Defiant: The POWs Who Endured Vietnam's Most Infamous Prison...
  14. 2014-04-11Letters to Hitler
  15. 2014-04-12Russia: The Challenges of Transformation
  16. 2014-04-12Diamonds, Gold, and War: The British, the Boers, and the Making of South Africa
  17. 2014-04-12Награды государств мира
  18. 2014-04-12Current Research in Egyptology 2009: Proceedings of the Tenth Annual Symposium
  19. 2014-04-12The Society of Equals
  20. 2014-04-12Contractors and War: The Transformation of United States’ Expeditionary Operations
  21. 2014-04-12Sacred Texts of the World
  22. 2014-04-12Waterloo Battlefield Guide
  23. 2014-04-12Concise Historical Atlas of the Cold War (Repost)
  24. 2014-04-12Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler
  25. 2014-04-12American Intelligence And The German Resistance (Repost)
  26. 2014-04-12Colored Terracotta Warriors and Horses of Western Han
  27. 2014-04-12Hezbollah: A History of the "Party of God"
  28. 2014-04-12Henry Ford's War on Jews and the Legal Battle Against Hate Speech
  29. 2014-04-12Lady Lex and the Blue Ghost: A Pictorial History of the USS Lexingtons CV-2 and CV-16
  30. 2014-04-12Die Kreuzfahrerin
  31. 2014-04-12Albatros D.III: Johannisthal, OAW, and Oeffag Variants (Osprey Air Vanguard 13)
  32. 2014-04-12From Enemy to Brother
  33. 2014-04-12Aftermath: Readings in the Archaeology of Recent Conflict [Repost]
  34. 2014-04-12The Second World War
  35. 2014-04-12Первые сверхзвуковые истребители МиГ-17 и МиГ-19 (Война и Мы. Авиаколлекция)
  36. 2014-04-12Commanding Right and Forbidding Wrong in Islamic Thought [Repost]
  37. 2014-04-12A History in Sum: 150 Years of Mathematics at Harvard (1825-1975)
  38. 2014-04-12Between Geography and History: Hellenistic Constructions of the Roman World (repost)
  39. 2014-04-12Images of the Past, 6th Edition (repost)
  40. 2014-04-12Чесменский гром
  41. 2014-04-13The Chlorine Revolution: Water Disinfection and the Fight to Save Lives
  42. 2014-04-13The Monroe Doctrine: Empire and Nation in Nineteenth-Century America
  43. 2014-04-13Залишенець.Чорний ворон
  44. 2014-04-13Великолепный обмен. История мировой торговли
  45. 2014-04-13Republic F-84F Thunderstreak (F-40 Flugzeuge Der Bundeswehr 1) (Repost)
  46. 2014-04-13Republic RF-84F Thunderflash (F-40 Flugzeuge Der Bundeswehr 2) (Repost)
  47. 2014-04-13Death and Disease in the Ancient City (repost)
  48. 2014-04-13Almost a Miracle: The American Victory in the War of Independence (Audiobook)
  49. 2014-04-13German Armies: War And German Society, 1648-1806 (Warfare and History) (repost)
  50. 2014-04-13Nobles and Nobility in Medieval Europe: Concepts, Origins, Transformations (repost)
  51. 2014-04-13Me-262. Das Vielzweckflugzeug. Band 2 (Waffen-Arsenal Band 90) (Repost)
  52. 2014-04-13A Leap in the Dark: The Struggle to Create the American Republic (Audiobook)
  53. 2014-04-13Untold Tales of the Hasidim
  54. 2014-04-13The Savage Wars Of Peace: Small Wars And The Rise Of American Power
  55. 2014-04-13Backstage at the Lincoln Assassination: The Untold Story of the Actors and Stagehands at Ford’s Theatre
  56. 2014-04-13The Mixed Multitude: Jacob Frank and the Frankist Movement, 1755-1816
  57. 2014-04-13A Leap in the Dark: The Struggle to Create the American Republic (Audiobook)
  58. 2014-04-13Soft Soil, Black Grapes: The Birth of Italian Winemaking in California
  59. 2014-04-13Die ersten Strahlbomber der Welt. Arado Ar 234 und Junkers Ju 287 (Waffen-Arsenal Band 61)
  60. 2014-04-13Richthofens Dreidecker und Fokker D VII (Waffen-Arsenal Band 67)
  61. 2014-04-13Squadron/Signal Publications 3007: US Elite Forces - Vietnam (Repost)
  62. 2014-04-13Sovereignty and Social Reform in India: British Colonialism and the Campaign against Sati, 1830-1860
  63. 2014-04-13The Mammoth Book of Secrets of the SAS and Elite Forces
  64. 2014-04-13Т-60 и машины на его базе (Конструирование и производство)
  65. 2014-04-13Still Fighting the Civil War: The American South and Southern History
  66. 2014-04-13Sasha and Emma: The Anarchist Odyssey of Alexander Berkman and Emma Goldman
  67. 2014-04-13Gerrard Winstanley: The Digger's Life and Legacy
  68. 2014-04-13Фронтовой бомбардировщик Су-24: Ядерный "фехтовальщик" СССР (Война и Мы. Авиаколлекция)
  69. 2014-04-13Avoiding Armageddon: From the Great War to the Fall of France, 1918-40
  70. 2014-04-13World, Student edition (Repost)
  71. 2014-04-13Liber Mahameleth (Sources and Studies in the History of Mathematics and Physical Sciences)
  72. 2014-04-13Десантные амфибии Второй Мировой (Война и мы. Танковая коллекция)
  73. 2014-04-13From Coexistence to Conquest: International Law and the Origins of the Arab-Israeli Conflict 1891-1949
  74. 2014-04-13Jane's Gun Recognition Guide (Repost)
  75. 2014-04-13The Complete Works of Chinese traditional crafts. Armor recovery
  76. 2014-04-13Royal Australian Navy 1911-1961 Golden Jubilee
  77. 2014-04-14Squadron/Signal Publications 6055: Ladies in Waiting: A Pictorial Review of Davis Monthan AFB (Repost)
  78. 2014-04-14For the Soul of Mankind: The United States, the Soviet Union, and the Cold War
  79. 2014-04-14Militarism, Sport, Europe: War Without Weapons (The European Sports History Review, Volume 5) (repost)
  80. 2014-04-14Writing the Great War: Sir James Edmonds and the Official Histories 1915-1948 (Military History & Policy) (repost)
  81. 2014-04-14Тула: Страницы хроники героической защиты города-героя в 1941 г.
  82. 2014-04-14Cold War Orientalism: Asia in the Middlebrow Imagination, 1945-1961
  83. 2014-04-14The Aztecs: A Very Short Introduction
  84. 2014-04-14Prophets of War: Lockheed Martin and the Making of the Military-Industrial Complex
  85. 2014-04-14A Great Wonder - Emperor Qin Shihuang's Mausoleum & Its Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses
  86. 2014-04-14The Soviet Motorized Rifle Company
  87. 2014-04-14Churchill & Roosevelt - The Complete Correspondence v01 - Alliance Emerging
  88. 2014-04-14Churchill & Roosevelt - The Complete Correspondence v03 - Alliance Declining
  89. 2014-04-14Rudolf Hoess et Geneviève Decrop, "Le commandant d'Auschwitz parle"
  90. 2014-04-14Churchill & Roosevelt - The Complete Correspondence v02 - Alliance Forged
  91. 2014-04-14Heroic Saga and Classical Epic in Medieval Ireland
  92. 2014-04-14The Medieval English Landscape, 1000-1540
  93. 2014-04-14Monastic Reform as Process: Realities and Representations in Medieval Flanders, 900-1100
  94. 2014-04-14The Routledge History Of Literature in English: Britain and Ireland [Repost]
  95. 2014-04-14Reclaiming History: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy (Audiobook)
  96. 2014-04-14Violence, Coercion, and State-Making in Twentieth-Century Mexico: The Other Half of the Centaur
  97. 2014-04-14From Melos to My Lai: War and Survival [Repost]
  98. 2014-04-14The Tender Soldier: A True Story of War and Sacrifice
  99. 2014-04-14Read My Heart: A Love Story in England's Age of Revolution (Audiobook)
  100. 2014-04-14Entangled Histories of the Balkans: Transfers of Political Ideologies and Institutions


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